Choachí: Trueque, Maize and Forgiveness

This article was originally published in The Bogota Post on the 28th August 2017. LINK HERE “Una mano más una mano no son dos manos, son manos unidas. Une tu mano a nuestras manos, para que el mundo no esté en pocas manos, sino en todas las manos” "One hand, joined with another, are not... Continue Reading →


Catedral de Sal, Zipaquirá: Salvation tastes salty?

One rainy evening, Pedro Medina gave me some good advice: “Whenever you comment on anything paradoxical, controversial or even remotely problematic Danny… hay que hacer sandwich”. Simply put, the idea is to “sandwich” your criticism between two healthy slices of praise; to give the bad with the good. Today, I want to “hacer sandwich” with my comments... Continue Reading →

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