Birds of Passage (2019): An interview with Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego

Following on from the success of their 2015 masterpiece Embrace of the Serpent, Colombian duo Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra are back with Birds of Passage, a powerful and unique vision of the Colombian drug trade, seen through the eyes of an indigenous Wayúu community in the Northern tip of Colombia. Danny Concha spoke to the Colombian... Continue Reading →

“Residente”: René Pérez Joglar rediscovers his roots…

This article was originally written for BritEs Magazine It all started with a DNA test. A sample of saliva that would compel Puerto Rican rapper René Pérez Joglar (a.k.a Residente) to embark on an immense journey of self-discovery. A genetic revelation that would force him to walk away from all the fame and fortune of his... Continue Reading →

Colombia: Final Reflections

I think it’s fair to say that whenever we invest ourselves into something, we do so expecting a reward. When we go out searching, we want to come back having found something. We want clarity. We want answers. We want to end with a solid conclusion… It is precisely for this reason that I have... Continue Reading →

San Basilio de Palenque: the heart of Afro-Colombia… The tucked-away village of San Basilio de Palenque in northern Colombia undoubtedly deserves a shout-out for being amongst the “most amazing places you’ve never heard of”. To this day, it remains an astonishingly potent symbol of Afro-Colombian identity; a living, breathing, fighting display of community pride and resilience. If Cartagena is the so-called ‘jewel of... Continue Reading →

Catedral de Sal, Zipaquirá: Salvation tastes salty?

One rainy evening, Pedro Medina gave me some good advice: “Whenever you comment on anything paradoxical, controversial or even remotely problematic Danny… hay que hacer sandwich”. Simply put, the idea is to “sandwich” your criticism between two healthy slices of praise; to give the bad with the good. Today, I want to “hacer sandwich” with my comments... Continue Reading →

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