Ragnar Kjartansson: Repetition runs riot

Hidden away behind the thick brutalist walls of the Barbican lies a miniature time loop. This overwhelming vortex of repeating imagery and sound is the brainchild of eccentric Icelandic perseverance artist Ragnar Kjartansson. An intriguing space where repetition runs riot… To say that Kjartansson’s performance art is about repetition is frankly an understatement. His work... Continue Reading →


Julieta (2016): A new era in Almodóvar?

Something’s changed on Almodóvar’s palette… and it’s not his colour. This provocative artist of the screen has picked up a thinner brush, drained out the playfulness, washed off the humour and left us with a much grittier side to his world. Indeed, the director sees Julieta (2016) as his first ‘pure drama’; a sinister come-down... Continue Reading →

Mona Hatoum: Discomforting Voice

Unease is a powerful language. The things that make us feel uncomfortable, which disconcert or threaten us… that’s the stuff that talks to us. And I think Mona Hatoum has this language down. She speaks discomfort with real boldness and fluency. Her career-summarising exhibition at the Tate is the mouthpiece for this language, and it... Continue Reading →

Exeter alumnus Kuczynski elected President of Peru

This article was originally  written for and published in Exon Magazine Issue 19 (2016) Exeter alumnus Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has been elected President of Peru in one of the tightest races in the country’s history! Kuczynski, better known by his initials PPK narrowly edged passed his rival Keiko Fujimori (daughter of imprisoned former-President Alberto Fujimori) with an... Continue Reading →

When the bombs don’t go bang

On Wednesday, our country decided that bombs were the answer to terrorism and so began the air strikes in Syria. David Cameron was quick to warn us that the bombing campaign will be complex and that “this is going to take time”. Following my recent trip around South East Asia, I want to talk about... Continue Reading →

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